Sent to Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. — Wikipedia

First card out to Hungary! The Postcrossing member set to receive this card asked members to tell her about their favorite book.  I don’t keep a “favorite book” in mind, but I do continually read, and I shared with her my most-recent favorite, Born Confused by Tanjuja Desai Hidier. This is also the book I shared in the recent “What are You Reading” swap-bot trade.


This user would, like many of others, have loved to received a scenic postcard of my area, but I’ve already been over that territory here. She also mentioned liking castles, though, and there’s a castle on this card! Someplace.

The recipient also made a request: “If possible, please draw something.”  I drew her a little cartoon of my dog.  Here are the practice sketches I made prior to laying ink to postcard:



Sent to Sontra, Germany

So, Germany has come up yet again in the Postcrossing draw.  In the VERY short amount of time I’ve been Postcross-Swapbotting, this is the fourth mailing going off in that direction! I should explore the sites more & see whether they list the number of users in each country.


What the user would really have liked would have been a scenic shot postcard from the place I live, but as I’ve mentioned often on this blog, I’m having a really tough time finding postcards around here! She did mention liking tall sailing ships, so I reached into my big box ‘o’ old book cover postcards & came up with the closest thing I could find.

Sent to Pskov, Russia

Another one of my initial batch of 5 Postcrossing cards has been received!


She said she’d like “something nice and cute,” and I figured this would fill the bill.

Now that 5 of my Postcrossing cards have reached their destination, (4 from my initial 5, and 1 from a subsequent mailing), I have been bumped up to being able to have 6 cards out at a time (from the 5 that are granted when one is just starting out). I noted a little bit more about how Postcrossing works in an earlier post.

I’ve sent out 2 new cards (to be posted here shortly), and now am up to 11 postcards sent out through Postcrossing.  Zero received so far–but the first will be soon, I’m sure!

Received from Charlotte Hall, Maryland

The day I was assigned my first male recipient for a postcard on swap-bot, I received my very first postcard from a male swap-bot user!  This confirms that there are at least 3 of us using the service.

The first thing I noticed was the large grouping of old stamps!


Apparently the guy is-or-was a stamp collector, and is now using his collection to decorate & deliver his postcards! The only one I remember seeing is the bicentennial star.

This card is part of the “What are you reading?” swap-bot trade I mentioned before.  The sender of this card is rereading Anna Karenina, and says he’d “…never been struck by how much compassion & sympathy are in the writing.”


No, this is not a portrait in the hallway of Disney’s Haunted Mansion! It’s a painting of Anna Karenina by Heinrich Matvejevich Maniser. I don’t know why she’s doing that “propping up my triple-chin” pose I see in so many real-estate agent self-promo flyers.

Should I dive in and read the book?  After I finish the book I’m reading on The Art of Jay Ward Productions, of course.

Sent to Gold Canyon, Arizona

The theme of this swap-bot exchange is “Send Me a Random Post Card.” Does this look random to you?


It’s actually specific, in that I dipped into the box looking for something this recipient might like.  Her profile seems to indicate she likes just about everything, including a lot of vintage stuff.  Better still, she doesn’t say she hates pink.  Fine thing, huh?


Sent to Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flanders), Belgium

Here goes my first postcard to Belgium!


The user mentioned liking cats, so back I went into my big box ‘o’ old book-cover postcards & came up with this. Don’t know how much longer the box can keep on granting wishes…

This mailing (and the one I posted prior to this, a card to Australia) are for a swap-bot trade called “Happy Quote Postcards.”  For both cards, I used a favorite quote of mine, from Groucho Marx:

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” 

As I told my correspondents, I love dogs, books, reading, and Groucho Marx.  If you will look up his quotations, I think you will find a lot to make you laugh.  Try it!  

Do you have any favorite quotations?

Sent to Thornlie, Australia

In my 2+ weeks in the hobby of semi-organized snail-mailing, today’s assignment marks my first postcard to Australia–and my first to a man!  It seems women make up the great majority of swap-bot & Postcrossing users.


The user mentioned that he collected postage stamps, so I reached into my big box of old book cover postcards & pulled out this. He also likes photos of tourist scenes, but as I’ve mentioned, my embarking on this project seems to have practically made touristy postcards disappear in this area!

This mailing (and the one I’ll posting following this, a card to Belgium) are for a swap-bot trade called “Happy Quote Postcards.”  For both cards, I used a favorite quote of mine, from Groucho Marx:

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” 

As I told my correspondents, I love dogs, books, reading, and Groucho Marx.  If you will look up his quotations, I think you will find a lot to make you laugh.  Try it!  

Do you have any favorite quotations?

Sent to Rozenburg, Netherlands

My first card going out to the Netherlands!


She said she liked wolves, so I dipped into my big box ‘o’ book cover postcards and came up with this.

Taking the opportunity to gain some new knowledge about Rozenburg & the Netherlands, I came across a lot of information about polders and land reclamation, and an old English saying: “God created the world but the Dutch created Holland.” I contrasted this against California’s extreme drought, where nature is quite literally reclaiming the land (or is it actually reclaiming the water?).

Something this card’s recipient & I have in common is our distaste for circuses that exploit animals for peoples’ amusement.  We both go out of our way to support animal-free circuses.  I asked her whether she’d seen the film Blackfish.

This makes 9 postcards sent out in Postcrossing, 0 received.  Any time now… The way it works is, newbies can send out up to 5 postcards.  No more, until the cards start to be received.  Then, as each card is received, you can send out one more card.  Nine cards sent out means that 4 of my cards have been received, and I, in theory at least, have four cards coming to me right now from points abroad. Ohboyohboyohboy…

Sent to New Taipei City, Taiwan

Another one of my very first batch of Postcrossing cards has been received!  Postcrossing stats tell me this one took 15 days to travel 6,459 miles, reminding me it’s now been just over two weeks since I first Iaunched into this whole “Post-Bot/Swap-Cross” thing!


Another card from my big box of old book covers. The user actually mentioned she liked “beautiful view cards,” but I had not yet been able to find any scenic cards (as described in my “SENT TO QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINA” post). Turns out this was just fine: “I love your postcard. It’s so cute. “

Since I had not yet thought to keep a record of my outgoing cards when I started out, I’m glad the recipient liked this enough to scan & share.

There are still a few of my initial Postcrossing cards apparently making their way across the world, to Israel, Russia, Ukraine…

Received from Australia

My first postcard from overseas! This one was created for me as a part of swap-bot’s “Recycled Homemade Postcard” swap (my submissions here and here; the other postcard I received here). In my tired, after-dark, post-long-day-of-work,-driving-and-shopping, I didn’t initially realize this was a handmade card!


From the back of the card: “the picture is of a clownfish and a sea anemone which are best friends, they work together for safety and food.” As a long-time sea-life lover & aquarium member, I knew that–and was doubly-excited to receive this card!

Looks like the user cut the image from a box, then embellished the edges with a border of decorated tape. I wonder if this is a sample of the “washi tape” I keep seeing mentioned in swap-botters’ profiles and swap descriptions.  Me, I’ve got a small stock of whimsically-printed duct tape I use to perk up packages I send out to friends & family.


I really love this echidna stamp!

Sure is nice to reach my tired hand into my mailbox at the end of the day, lift away the junk mail, and discover these little rays of sunshine!  A real spirit-lifter.