Received from Australia

My first postcard from overseas! This one was created for me as a part of swap-bot’s “Recycled Homemade Postcard” swap (my submissions here and here; the other postcard I received here). In my tired, after-dark, post-long-day-of-work,-driving-and-shopping, I didn’t initially realize this was a handmade card!


From the back of the card: “the picture is of a clownfish and a sea anemone which are best friends, they work together for safety and food.” As a long-time sea-life lover & aquarium member, I knew that–and was doubly-excited to receive this card!

Looks like the user cut the image from a box, then embellished the edges with a border of decorated tape. I wonder if this is a sample of the “washi tape” I keep seeing mentioned in swap-botters’ profiles and swap descriptions.  Me, I’ve got a small stock of whimsically-printed duct tape I use to perk up packages I send out to friends & family.


I really love this echidna stamp!

Sure is nice to reach my tired hand into my mailbox at the end of the day, lift away the junk mail, and discover these little rays of sunshine!  A real spirit-lifter.


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