Sent to New Taipei City, Taiwan

Another one of my very first batch of Postcrossing cards has been received!  Postcrossing stats tell me this one took 15 days to travel 6,459 miles, reminding me it’s now been just over two weeks since I first Iaunched into this whole “Post-Bot/Swap-Cross” thing!


Another card from my big box of old book covers. The user actually mentioned she liked “beautiful view cards,” but I had not yet been able to find any scenic cards (as described in my “SENT TO QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINA” post). Turns out this was just fine: “I love your postcard. It’s so cute. “

Since I had not yet thought to keep a record of my outgoing cards when I started out, I’m glad the recipient liked this enough to scan & share.

There are still a few of my initial Postcrossing cards apparently making their way across the world, to Israel, Russia, Ukraine…

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