Sent to Rozenburg, Netherlands

My first card going out to the Netherlands!


She said she liked wolves, so I dipped into my big box ‘o’ book cover postcards and came up with this.

Taking the opportunity to gain some new knowledge about Rozenburg & the Netherlands, I came across a lot of information about polders and land reclamation, and an old English saying: “God created the world but the Dutch created Holland.” I contrasted this against California’s extreme drought, where nature is quite literally reclaiming the land (or is it actually reclaiming the water?).

Something this card’s recipient & I have in common is our distaste for circuses that exploit animals for peoples’ amusement.  We both go out of our way to support animal-free circuses.  I asked her whether she’d seen the film Blackfish.

This makes 9 postcards sent out in Postcrossing, 0 received.  Any time now… The way it works is, newbies can send out up to 5 postcards.  No more, until the cards start to be received.  Then, as each card is received, you can send out one more card.  Nine cards sent out means that 4 of my cards have been received, and I, in theory at least, have four cards coming to me right now from points abroad. Ohboyohboyohboy…


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