Sent to Seattle, Washington

Okay, this card has nothing to do with Postcrossing or swap-bot; I actually sent it to a friend of mine who is known as a squirrel whisperer.  As I wrote on the back, when I found this squirrel card in my postcard stash, I thought: why would I send it to some complete stranger, when I can mail it to the strange person I know?


I absolutely love squirrels, but I don’t want to feed them. They are brilliant & agile & perfectly able of fending for themselves, plus, I’ve read coverage of incidents at a local park where bold squirrels jumped into strollers to grab the kids’ snacks right out of their little hands. Simultaneously hilarious & scary.

I shared a Facebook link on the flip side of this card to my friend; it’s about a squirrel I heard about last night while listening to NPR.  Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel lets his special human friend dress him up while he snacks.



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