Sent to Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. — Wikipedia

First card out to Hungary! The Postcrossing member set to receive this card asked members to tell her about their favorite book.  I don’t keep a “favorite book” in mind, but I do continually read, and I shared with her my most-recent favorite, Born Confused by Tanjuja Desai Hidier. This is also the book I shared in the recent “What are You Reading” swap-bot trade.


This user would, like many of others, have loved to received a scenic postcard of my area, but I’ve already been over that territory here. She also mentioned liking castles, though, and there’s a castle on this card! Someplace.

The recipient also made a request: “If possible, please draw something.”  I drew her a little cartoon of my dog.  Here are the practice sketches I made prior to laying ink to postcard:



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