Sent to Farmington, New Mexico

On March 18, 1950, Farmington was the site of a mass UFO sighting where over half the town’s population was reported to have seen large saucers in the sky flying at rapid speeds.  –Wikipedia


For a swap-bot “Close Encounters of the Animal Kind” trade: 

2014-09-03 08.39.14b

Yes, I found a touristy card! To date, I have found exactly TWO stores in my area selling postcards, both of them stationery stores. Neither store’s selection is very big, or very good. I suppose this is my way of saying that when you find a touristy card posted here, you’ll likely see it appear more than once!

On the card, I was to write of a close encounter I’ve had with an animal.  Fortunately, the story did not have to match the photo on the card.  I told of the time I opened the connecting door between my house & garage — and came face-to-face with  a skunk.  Of course, I was very apologetic as I excused myself & ducked my head back into the house.




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