Received from: Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, and… Tennessee, U.S.A.!

From Canada:


For a swap-bot “art-phabet” challenge. As my correspondent tells me, J is for “Jezus.”

Interesting stamp on that one…


There must be some story…

From Berlin, Germany:


Annually in Berlin, the sender tells me, there is a food & agricultural festival–and this card was procured there.

The stamp:


From Netherlands:


The person who sent this also tucked in a photo she took:


–because I’m a toy photographer, too!

Cool stamp, too. I am assuming this is NOT Tom Brokaw:


From New Zealand:


My correspondent tells me that this postcard comes from Scotland, where she has a cousin who sends her postcard calendars every year. Cool, huh? You can see the perforation at the top, where the card has been removed from the calendar.

–and its stamp:


The stamp, though, is not Scottish. The New Zealand postal authorities would certainly have none of that.

A card from Russia:


I like water. Do you like water? I like water.

I love these stamps, probably more than any others I’ve seen during this Postcrossing/swap-bot adventure.  Of course, the fact that I favor them so much probably has to do with the fact that my memory is so horrible…


So cool. I think perhaps its the entire combination I love, more than any one specific stamp here.

And finally, Tennessee:



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