Received from: Finland & Poland

Cards from both Postcrossing & swap-bot today!  Postcrossing first, with this from Poland:


Really colorful, interesting stamps on that card:


Through swap-bot–and an “up-cycled” card challenge–I received this card from Finland:


Hey–I love red pandas! Beautiful stamp art, too, and it’s really nice to see the enlargement in that sticker.

Sadly, the person who sent these didn’t bother to write anything more than the necessary distinguishing tags for swap-bot credit–a real shame–but the stamps all over the card were cool.


2 thoughts on “Received from: Finland & Poland

  1. Finnish post card. Stamps are showing “Tulikettu” which is Firefox. The bus seems to a post bus.Running man statue is situated in Helsinki, nearby the Olympic stadium. It presents Paavo Nurmi who one of our best runner ever. Wikipedia gives a lot of info about him in many languages.


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