Received from: Taiwan & U.S.A.

3 in, clockwise from top: Taiwan, New Jersey, California


Let’s start with the U.S. entries, both received through swap-bot:

The owls, which flew all the way from New Jersey, are from a “notecard postcard” trade.  The sender decorated the edges of the repurposed card with some soft, sparkly tape, and also told me she is looking forward to spring.  Me, too!

At bottom left is an image of Sedona, Arizona, sent to me by someone right here in California.  She took a trip there a few months back, and recommends it.

*  *  *

And now on to Taiwan, Postcrossing, and one of my favorite postcards received to date! The top card, featuring Doraemon (Robot Cat from the Future) traveled over 9 days and 6,628 miles to get to my mailbox.

I know from reading profiles & stories on Postcrossing & swap-bot that many people would be irate at receiving  a hand-made card decorated with stickers, but more effort & consideration went into this than most cards, I think.  Look at the drawing from the opposite side:


Nice art, on both sides!  The person said she likes drawing, and I see that she seems to have looked at the handful of cards I’ve favorited on Postcrossing (yes, they contain images of Doraemon & the Buddha) & tailored something especially for me.  Made my day!


Cool stamp, too.

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