Received from Belarus & the United States

Two new cards in, one each through Postcrossing and swap-bot.


The card on the left–are those umbrellas?–comes to me from Belarus.  The writer tells me these are names of the colors in the Belorussian language.  She goes on to say that Belorussian is very poetic, and that some words even shock her!  It makes me wish that there were much more room on the postcard, so she could have explained.



Did you have any idea there were Postcrossing stamps? I had no idea there were Postcrossing stamps. National post offices must be grateful for these snail-mail-based sites though, right!

The San Diego correspondent writes, in part, “we seem to be paired a lot lately.”  YUP.  That, as I’ve mentioned, is the thing about swap-bot: the individual user/trade-moderators seem to be doing the pairing, with apparently no information as to who has been matched before, and perhaps no eye to geography.  I’ve even been paired more than once with fellow users just moments (or so) from home! This San Diego swap-botter, though, is a pleasure; she seems to be very nice, and she always sends me beautiful views from in & around a city I really enjoy.

I would love to learn more from other users of both swap-bot & Postcrossing: what has your experience been like?  What are some of your joys, surprises & frustrations?


3 thoughts on “Received from Belarus & the United States

  1. I love Postcrossing … been there from the start. Swap-Bot, not so much. The rating system there leads to often vindictive behavior and general nastiness. I participated for many years, and ran a very successful group, too. But, just couldn’t deal with the nasty so I use for random mailings. It isn’t “secure” but I really don’t think anything on the internet is, so I just use a PO box and cross my fingers 🙂


    1. Yes, I am no fan of the swap-bot rating system, either. Even though I’ve gotten nothing but 5s so far, those darned stars add a whole element of their own! I know I really apply myself to every mailing: adhering to theme or swapee’s interest as much as possible, adding stamps to the back, *actually writing something of some substance*, so when the star doesn’t appear, I can’t help but wonder what it would take for that particular user. I don’t like getting that way! 🙂

      I don’t know, the sense I get too often over there is of attitudes of demanding, rather than gratitude.

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