Received from Germany, Czech Republic & U.S.A.

3 just in!


Interesting variety, huh?

Working top to bottom, the first one comes my way via swap-bot from–can you guess?–Ocean City, Maryland.  The sender tells me she spends every summer on or in the water, and she sees “tons of dolphins” every day!  Better out than in, I say!  I mean out of the tank, of course.

The next two cards are Postcrossing arrivals.

That potato-loaded (versus loaded potato) one traveled 13 days and 5,813 miles to find its way to me from Germany.  Its sender tells me, “I chose this card for you because I’m a potato junkie, I love to eat potatoes for every meal, for me it’s just the best thing!” There’s a parenthetical note I couldn’t quite make out, but I think she was trying to convince me she doesn’t actually eat spuds for every meal.  What would be pictured on your “favorite food postcard?”  Mine would be packed edge-to-edge with dim sum.  If you have a dim sum postcard, please do send it to me.  Especially if it is scratch-and-sniff.

The third card comes to me from Městys Mohelno, Czech Republic, having made a journey of 19 days and 5,912 miles.  The writer tells me her hometown is small but lovely.  That bottom-left nature image makes the area look beautiful, indeed.

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