Sent to Netherlands and Thailand

Postcrossing news:

The card I sent to Elspeet, Netherlands has reached its destination, after a trip of 5,477 miles and 7 days.

The card I sent to Stonava, Czech Republic destination in 16 days–or maybe a lot less time–after traveling 5,937 miles.  I say “maybe a lot less time” because of these words in the recipient’s thank-you note: “Sorry for my late I was very busy for few last week and I still do not have much free time.”

So now I get to send out 2 more cards via Postcrossing.


Two unique pieces of art.

The top card goes to Bang Bo, Thailand.  It’s my first card to–or from–that country! I wish I could go along with it, and enjoy the scenery, the art, and not least of all, the food.

The bottom card, another by the artist Narboo (seen on this blog several times–though not nearly as many as that tiger), goes to Rijen, Netherlands.  SO MANY Postcrossing users in the Netherlands! My list of traveling postcards nearly always includes Netherlands & Germany.


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