Received from U.S.A.: California & Minnesota

Two new cards in from swap-bot users:


We seem to have a theme here: “sparkly.”

From someplace in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota, comes the space shuttle card.  It is part of a “if money weren’t a problem” fill-in-the blank swap, and the sender writes that she would: 1) retire; and 2) do a zero-g plane ride more than once.  Me, I’d certainly fly a lot, but it’s more about the destinations, so I’d probably want to keep my g’s about me.

The card on the right comes to me from Galt, California, and is part of the illustrated postcard swap I entered recently.  The sender mentions her love of Casper comics; this is based on my swap-bot profile, which includes a photo of some Spooky/Hot-Stuff comics covers (saying this is as spooky/creepy as I care for).  BTW, I consider Wizard of Oz pretty spooky/creepy!


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