Received from Canada, Germany, Taiwan, & the United States

A new handful of cards, received through both Postcrossing & swap-bot:


The two on the left are both from the U.S., and both part of a swap-bot postcard trade.  The top image, of Idaho Springs, Colorado, comes to me from Denver, where the sender tells me she remembers going to an old abandoned gold mine in Idaho Springs as a child with her family.  She also says Idaho Springs is about 35 miles west of Denver, and a stop for skiers on the way back from the slopes, many of whom take advantage of the town’s hot springs.

The bottom image, “Wacky Big-Hair Lady” (or as the painting’s artist, Lilian Westcott Hale, called it, “The Reading Woman II”), comes my way from Birmingham, Alabama, where the sender tells me that like Wacky, and like me, she is “a big reader.”

The rest of the cards come my way through Postcrossing.  That beautiful nature shot comes to me from Bielefeld, Germany, but I have no idea where the photo was taken; Bielefeld, the sender tells me, is “far away from the sea…so far away…haven’t any water around…”  Sounds absolutely miserable!

I love that card from Taiwan!  The photo in the corner is an embedded slide, making this a fun card to hold up to a light. You can probably notice that though that photo, the shadow of the underlying card is showing.  The card’s sender tells me, “I know you love to eat.  So if you have any chance, you must visit my country.  There are may delicious food in my country.”  YES!  Taiwan is on my list of top food destinations, and as it happens, I may be getting a few hours of layover time to go there & EAT before too long!

Finally come the fun herd of moose, all the way from Montreal, Canada.  The sender tells me she loves Montreal, but hates the cold winter.  She dreams of moving to San Diego.  Yeah, I am no snow bunny.


postcard079 postcard080

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