Sent to Canada, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine

Five new cards going out through Postcrossing, and actually, I should say, sent to Canada, Germany, Russia, Russia, and Ukraine!  I have learned that although a Postcrossing participant can opt to have only one card going to a particular country at a time (as I have), there is no guarantee that request can always be fulfilled.  When I received Russian addresses twice in this draw of five, I wrote Postcrossing to let them know, and to ask if their ‘bot may be broken.  They responded pretty quickly:

Not exactly… We don’t promise that you’ll always send just one postcard to a country if you have the option deactivated… only that we’ll do our best to try to give you as many addresses in different countries as we can.  Sometimes this isn’t possible, and repetitions will occur. It’s the only way to have to ensure that the system remains fair to everyone involved and that members that send postcards also receive their due cards back. Right now, we have a lot more members in Germany and Russia, and so we need more postcards to go there.

Yes, I always seem to have cards out to Germany & Russia, as well as Ukraine & Netherlands.  Can’t recall EVER having had any out to South America, not too many to Asia or Australia, and the only ones to Africa have been to the country of South Africa.  The moral?  LET’S GET MORE MEMBERS IN THOSE UNDER-REPRESENTED AREAS!  If you know people there, please let them know about Postcrossing.  The more places represented, the more fun the experience!

On to the cards!


The Hearst Castle card goes to Berlin, Germany, where the recipient says he likes postcards with beautiful landscapes.  This one has a bunch of concrete & stucco stuck right in the middle, but I thought he might like it, anyhow.

The two pandas–and one of the tigers–are going to Moscow, Russia, to two separate recipients.

The other tiger is on its way to one very lucky Canadian in Burlington, Ontario!  In her list of postcard likes, she said she enjoys coastlines, “and you can never go wrong with a cute or funny cat.”  Done, and done!

The retro card of Children’s Fairyland goes to Khersons’ka, Ukraine, to a Postcrosser who is a big Disney fan.  I thought she’d like a peek at a park that Disney visited to get some theme park inspiration.

Now that I see them all assembled, it looks like the cards seem to share a theme…


4 thoughts on “Sent to Canada, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine

  1. This is changing from time to time. When I started to send postcards through Postcrossing, people complained about receiving so many postcards from Finland (yes!). That never bothered me.

    What really annoys me is that postcards to Russia take so many time to arrive, and also they get lost often. This is the main reason why I don’t send postcards any more. Naked postcards from Morocco are lost almost always. And a lot of Postcrossing members don’t want postcards in an envelope. It’s a pity. I guess this is also the reason why less people from Africa are sending postcards: because postal services aren’t reliable. Along with the fact that less people can afford mail taxes, of course.

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  2. I agree that we need some more members from different countries on Postcrossing! I do have that particular option enabled, because I figured I might as well help out the countries that need it. I do think it’d be nice, though, if I managed to send a post card to a country that wasn’t Germany.

    Anyway, I really like your mail! The pandas on the beach are super cute!

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  3. Thanks to you both for stopping by & commenting!

    Eva, I received one card in an envelope from a Postcrosser who said she was afraid it would get lost otherwise. It’s too bad that this is the case, as it takes a bit of the ease out of sending postcards. I will say this: the card was awesome (Arale from Doctor Slump), and I am, by the way, not in this to collect postcards! Whatever gets the mail through is okay by me.

    Lalumii, the pandas & the tiger are my own photography. I link to my toys in nature shots on flickr here & there when you see such images on this blog. Thanks!


    1. I know it is ok for a lot of postcrossers; but some of them (a lot, as I wrote) dislike the idea. I don’t want to annoy anyone because the aim of Postcrossing, in my opinion, is fun. Anyway, don’t worry: I still send and receive more mail than I had to! 😀

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