Sent to Belarus, China, and Japan

Three more going out via Postcrossing.


My shot of Dale & Daisy posing in Lilu’okalani Gardens in Hilo, Hawaii, goes to Sendai, Japan, to a Postcrosser who says she loves Disney.  Funny, because the garden pictured here is said to be the biggest Edo-style garden outside of Japan.

Sendai is the origin of several foods, including gyūtan (cow tongue, usually grilled), hiyashi chūka (cold Chinese noodles), and robatayaki (Japanese-style barbecue). However, robatayaki was later introduced to Kushiro, which developed and popularized the dish. As a result, many people believe Kushiro is the origin of Robatayaki. Zundamochi (ずんだ餅, mochi balls with sweet, bright green edamame paste), and sasakamaboko (笹かまぼこ, kamaboko shaped like bamboo leaves) are also considered to be Sendai specialties. Sendai is also known for good sashimi, sushi, and sake. This is because Sendai is near several major fishing ports, such as Kesennuma, Ishinomaki, and Shiogama, and the fact that Miyagi Prefecture is a major producer of rice. There are many ramen restaurants in Sendai, and the area is known for a particular spicy miso ramen. Also, Sendai station offers the most types of ekiben of any station in Japan. In autumn, many people organize Imonikai, a sort of picnic by the river which involves making a potato stew called Imoni. –Wikipedia

The views of San Jose, California (which I have never seen so empty as in these images) goes to Minsk, Belarus, where the recipient asked for postcards that show buildings where we live.  I told him that right now, that park view has been transformed into San Jose’s annual Christmas in the Park, which is quite a thing to behold.

Minsk is in the area of mixed forests typical of most of Belarus. Pinewood and mixed forests border the edge of the city, especially in the north and east. Some of the forests were preserved as parks as the city grew.  The city was initially built on the hills, which allowed for defensive fortifications, and the western parts of the city are the most hilly. Minsk has a warm summer hemiboreal humid continental climate, owing to its location between the strong influence of the moist air of the Atlantic Ocean and the dry air of the Eurasian landmass. Its weather is unstable and tends to change often.  During 2003–2008 the overall weight of contaminants increased from 186,000 to 247,400 tons. The change of gas as industrial fuel to mazut for financial reasons has worsened the ecological situation. However, the majority of overall air pollution is produced by cars.  –Wikipedia

Jiangsu, China, is the destination of the remaining card.  The Postcrosser there is living in town as a student (she is actually from “…an island in the view of the sea from here is beautiful”), and she listed map cards as a thing she would like to receive.  I wrote about the places up & down the coast I like to visit & view the nature.

Jiangsu is home to many of the world’s leading exporters of electronic equipment, chemicals and textiles. It has also been China’s largest recipient of foreign direct investment since 2006. Its 2013 nominal GDP was almost 1 trillion US dollars, which is the 6th highest of all country subdivisions and more than half the size of India’s. — Wikipedia

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