Received from Canada & United States

It’s a handful of recycling this time, a trio of cards received through swap-bot “Chunk-O-Cardboard” trades.


That Graze card comes from someone someplace in the U.S. who says about the product, “though their snacks were strange, they sure had good packaging!”  Uhm, yeah; I’d seen advertising for this company, and it seemed like they were overcharging for items I could readily find locally–but wouldn’t want to eat, in any case.

Speaking of things I wouldn’t want to eat, the Nature Valley Granola Bars comes to me from Puerto Rico where the sender agrees with me that this recycled trade “is a very good idea.”  Yup–in fact, I save “chunks” in anticipation!

One more thing I don’t eat is Toffifee.  Love chocolate & hazelnuts, hate caramel & nougat.  The sender of this card is from Canada, & she tells me,

“this is one of my favorite treats that I always buy around Christmas. They are so good but almost too easy to eat, before I knew it I was ready to recycle the box!  I might need to wait another week to get a new box otherwise they won’t make it until the holidays!”

Great stamps all around, and I love that li’l robot sticker. It’s my single favorite thing in all of this!


Received from China & Ukraine

Tasty arrivals through Postcrossing!


The beautiful rice dumpling at top comes from Fujian, China, where the sender tells me its “a traditional Chinese food, zongzi.  It’s very delicious…China has many kinds of nice food.” Yes, I love good Chinese food, including zongzi–which I have made many times!

That bread ring image was sent to me from Cherkasy, Ukraine. The card’s writer says its “our national bread called karaway.  Ukrainians use to bake it on weddings as a symbol of happiness for newly-wedded.”

Nice stamps, too!


Received from Germany & Russia

More Postcrossing activity…

postcard095Working clockwise from the left:

That little conflict came from Russia, and it traveled 5,894 miles over 27 days to get to me.  The writer tells me there is a lot of snow right now, it is very beautiful, and she hopes I can see it.  I told her, quite honestly, that I fantasize of living in the tropics.

The next card is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and took a mere 17 days to travel the 5,540 miles to my place.  I will write for you the entire message of this card:

Greetings from Russia!

Though I do love the animal stamps on the card (see below), I (as I’ve mentioned before here a time or ten) did not get into this game to collect postcards or stamps.  I do not collect postcards or stamps.  One of my favorite trades over at swap-bot is the “Recycled Postcard” swap, where you get to take a card someone else has sent you, slap a new back on it, & send it along to a new home.  What I want is a little peek into other places, other cultures, other lives.  “Greetings from Russia” leaves me cold.

OH, another thing about that particular Postcrossing user: he provides, in his profile, a long list of cards he would like to receive.  They include cards featuring “Adventure Time,” “House, M.D.,” Ken Kesey, and System of a Down.  There is one thing he makes explicit: “I don’t like postcard with your city.” And this is were I ask you to look again at the card he sent me.

Let’s move quickly on to Berlin, Germany, shall we?  That snowy card at bottom took a long trip of 33 days over 5,662 miles to get to me!  The Postcrosser wishes me a very merry christmas, and asks whether I have any special wishes for 2015.

I wish for another year of fun & frustration in the world of snail mail!


Sent to Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom

A busy day for me on Postcrossing: I let  several of my cards arrive before I replaced them with new cards out, so that I could save a bit of time (in theory) by sending out many cards in one shot.  Six going out today–and a couple of very interesting (you know how I am using that word, right?) recipients for this lot–but let’s get to that in a minute.

2014-12-26 10.26.00

Nope, not a single one of my own silly photo cards going out in this lot. Didn’t seem like the crowd for that.

Oh, wait: this first card goes to one of those “interesting” people!  It’s the book card, going out to Surrey, U.K., chosen because the Postcrosser says she would like cards with “books, or pictures of people reading, or postcards from libraries.” I think it would be so cool if the libraries I use would sell postcards featuring scenes from their facilities!  But I did happen to have this book card, and on it goes.  What makes this recipient interesting-in-quotes is the extensive part of her profile, where she lists expired cards (those she has sent out, that were never registered by their intended recipients), by number, user name, country, and date.  Thirty-five cards, going back to 2011, and this person calling out recipients by name.  Did she ever consider the idea that her local post may be a bit incompetent?

The Box of Delights goes to Utrecht, Netherlands, where its target expresses an interest in “postcards with images that are about enchanted, magical, mysterious, mystical creatures or places; illustrations from fairy tales.” Close enough, I figure!  This Netherlander recently moved from the U.S.  If I were to move elsewhere, it would have to be closer to the Equator. Heck, I don’t even have to leave the country to do that; Hawaii would do!

The Highway One card will wind its way to Zabrze, Poland, where the user expressed an interest in landscapes.  I love taking this road through Big Sur.  Gorgeous.  Even better if you don’t have to be the driver.

Heidi is going to Oelde, Germany.  The Postcrosser said she likes classic books, and I figured maybe she’d like this card.  She also says she likes chocolate, so I am sure she is a lovely person.  Seriously: the only person I can think of who talks a lot about disliking chocolate is not really a lovely person.

The map card goes to someone in Kyiv, Ukraine who said she would like a map card.  Look at the size of that surfer–and the quail that looks big enough to eat him!

Okay, here we go.  Last card.  This is a very interesting Postcrosser.  Excuse me, not interesting–“interesting.” Istanbul, Turkey, by the way.  Sharing no more than 12 words directly about himself, he launched into a wish list that would make Santa blush:

“(((I request…please DONOT send me any cards related with New Year or Christmas)))


I’m a banknote and Mini Sheet stamp and Starbucks gift card collector from Turkey…

it will be a great pleasure for me to receive a card from a friend with whom I’ve never met before..please write a short detail about yourself on your postcard..if you put a banknote sample or miniature sheet stamp or any Starbucks gift card of your country in your envelope I’d be appreciated 🙂


my preferences ;

Babillon Gardens
Chichen Itza
Despicable Me especially MINIONS for my son
Elizabeth Taylor
Greta Garbo
Labrador Sea
Lady Plays Violin
Machu Picchu
NUDITY ( both modern and vintage )
Panama Channel
Patsy Cline
Soviet-era propaganda cards
The most beautiful lady of your country


Ps: Anyone who sents me any banknotes in very well condition belong to the countries below will receive 30 different beautiful postcards from me !!

Oof, oof, oof.  Needless to say, I gave him nothing he wanted (though I found myself briefly wishing I had a fully-used Starbucks card around).  The card I sent–which I like very much–is by a Turkish artist, and I did not put it in an envelope.  I did, though, attach a fun strip of washi tape and a cool ink-stamed image!  What I wanted to do was withdraw this fella from my “send-to” draw, but I didn’t see that option. Net win for him.

Any postcard drama in YOUR life lately?

Received from China, Hong Kong, and Poland

Love me some Postcrossing!  All three here are recent arrivals through that service.


The bus comes from Hong Kong, where the sender says he used to work in an Italian restaurant. I told him I’ve been to HK, but did not sample the Italian food.

The card featuring the seaside village of Rowy comes from Poland.  The person who sent this to me writes of a trip to California that included stops in the Sierra Nevadas, San Francisco, and Carmel.

The drawing of Mapo Tofu comes my way from Heyuan, China.  I love a good mapo tofu, but I don’t really understand drawings of food.  Before I read the caption, I thought it may represent a pizza.  The card’s sender tells me the people in her city are very friendly.  Cool stamps, huh?

Received from Germany, Netherlands, & the United States

Three incoming, both foreign & domestic…


Yes, that top card was rendered from a Trader Joe’s frozen food box.  It was for a swap-bot “chunk of cardboard” trade, from a fellow swapper in Oregon.  She says she loves Trader Joe’s, and I told her she is brave–that place is nuts!  Don’t even try to navigate the aisles near the sample station when people are venomously jockeying for position!

The other two cards, I received through Postcrossing.  The card on the left comes from a sender in the Netherlands who says she lives close to the coast–the North Sea.

The Normandie card did NOT come from France!  A Postcrosser from Bavaria, Germany picked that up while vacationing.  Do you notice how Europeans frequently take European vacations?

Stamps!  Note the matching postmark on the U.S. stamp.


Sent to Belgium, Malaysia, and Taiwan

I drew two more Asian cities two more Asian destinations through Postcrossing–two places I’d like to go eat, as a matter of a fact!

John cards  colla

Popeye is going to Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The recipient is a brand-new Postcrosser, and is parent to one son and two princesses (her words, not mine).

The trio in glasses are headed for Tainan City, Taiwan. The cards recipient, a college freshman studying international business, says she enjoys landscapes & natural things–as do Peabody & company up there on the bluff!

Astro & dogs are on their way to Beerse, Belgium, not part of Postcrossing, though stemming from a card received through that service.  It’s a thanks to the Postcrosser who sent me the super-cool Barbapapa card, and enjoyed my photography so much.  Since she’s a dog-lover, I chose this from my cards to send her way.

Received from Belgium, Hong Kong, and Russia

Three more (well, four, but received from three people) through Postcrossing:


I really love that Barbapapa card at the top right!  It came in an envelope along with the card next to it, “Die Speis Girls.”  They come from Belgium, from a Postcrosser who wrote a lot compared to most senders (I love that), saying she’s a life-long fan of Barbapapa, and that she sent that one to me because I like toys, and the Speis Girls, because I like food!  She was also very complimentary about my silly photos.

The sticker-created postcard at bottom left came to me from Hong Kong, where the Postcrosser told me hers is a unique city, and I “must like it,” and I should come if I have time.  Been there, enjoyed that, want to spend more time there! She also mentioned there happens to be a movement going on there right now, and to “please support our movement!”  I absolutely do!

The dessert tray comes from Russia, “on the banks of the Volga River!” Turns out that is the longest river in Europe–at least according to Wikipedia.

Cool stamps!  My favorite is that snow person from HK!


Sent to Canada, Netherlands, & United Kingdom

These are all swap-botty things…


Hey, I see in putting these together to post, I’ve got a Popeye-y thing going on! Can the remaining card be thought of as a Charlie Brown tribute?

The card at upper left goes to Goes, Netherlands, where the recipient mentioned a desire for “funny/weird” postcards.  I thought this sample of my beach photography might please.

Below that is a card bound for Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  I think this user expressed an interest in art cards, so I pulled out this piece I received in another swap-bot trade, in which users stuff 3-5 postcards in an envelope for their swap-partners’ use.  With my postcard’s target living in a place called “coquitlam,” I couldn’t help but think of the coqui frog–and I told her so.

That Oreo cookie/Popeye Spinach mash-up is for a “chunk o cardboard” trade on swap-bot, a chance I always value for some fun recycling.  Popeye meets Cookie Monster, in a panel of a box of treats I bought for Halloween visitors, and a bag of spinach I wouldn’t have dared offer trick-or-treaters!  This goes out to Immingham, United Kingdom.

Received from Belgium & Russia

Two more in through Postcrossing:


Caramba, that food card, from Antwerp, Belgium, took 49 days to get to me!  5,502 miles.  I’m thinking my postal carrier has been hording.

The card on the right is from Moscow, Russia, where the sender says his hobby is trams. I don’t think I see a tram in this image, but one never can be sure, can one? Since I can tell you were about to ask, I will let you know that this card took 26 days to travel the 5,881 miles to my place. Yes, about half the time, to travel nearly 400 more miles.  Our lesson?  Never assume the Belgian chocolate you are eating is fresh.