Sent to Belgium, Malaysia, and Taiwan

I drew two more Asian cities two more Asian destinations through Postcrossing–two places I’d like to go eat, as a matter of a fact!

John cards  colla

Popeye is going to Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The recipient is a brand-new Postcrosser, and is parent to one son and two princesses (her words, not mine).

The trio in glasses are headed for Tainan City, Taiwan. The cards recipient, a college freshman studying international business, says she enjoys landscapes & natural things–as do Peabody & company up there on the bluff!

Astro & dogs are on their way to Beerse, Belgium, not part of Postcrossing, though stemming from a card received through that service.  It’s a thanks to the Postcrosser who sent me the super-cool Barbapapa card, and enjoyed my photography so much.  Since she’s a dog-lover, I chose this from my cards to send her way.


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