Received from Germany & Russia

More Postcrossing activity…

postcard095Working clockwise from the left:

That little conflict came from Russia, and it traveled 5,894 miles over 27 days to get to me.  The writer tells me there is a lot of snow right now, it is very beautiful, and she hopes I can see it.  I told her, quite honestly, that I fantasize of living in the tropics.

The next card is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and took a mere 17 days to travel the 5,540 miles to my place.  I will write for you the entire message of this card:

Greetings from Russia!

Though I do love the animal stamps on the card (see below), I (as I’ve mentioned before here a time or ten) did not get into this game to collect postcards or stamps.  I do not collect postcards or stamps.  One of my favorite trades over at swap-bot is the “Recycled Postcard” swap, where you get to take a card someone else has sent you, slap a new back on it, & send it along to a new home.  What I want is a little peek into other places, other cultures, other lives.  “Greetings from Russia” leaves me cold.

OH, another thing about that particular Postcrossing user: he provides, in his profile, a long list of cards he would like to receive.  They include cards featuring “Adventure Time,” “House, M.D.,” Ken Kesey, and System of a Down.  There is one thing he makes explicit: “I don’t like postcard with your city.” And this is were I ask you to look again at the card he sent me.

Let’s move quickly on to Berlin, Germany, shall we?  That snowy card at bottom took a long trip of 33 days over 5,662 miles to get to me!  The Postcrosser wishes me a very merry christmas, and asks whether I have any special wishes for 2015.

I wish for another year of fun & frustration in the world of snail mail!



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