Received from Canada & United States

It’s a handful of recycling this time, a trio of cards received through swap-bot “Chunk-O-Cardboard” trades.


That Graze card comes from someone someplace in the U.S. who says about the product, “though their snacks were strange, they sure had good packaging!”  Uhm, yeah; I’d seen advertising for this company, and it seemed like they were overcharging for items I could readily find locally–but wouldn’t want to eat, in any case.

Speaking of things I wouldn’t want to eat, the Nature Valley Granola Bars comes to me from Puerto Rico where the sender agrees with me that this recycled trade “is a very good idea.”  Yup–in fact, I save “chunks” in anticipation!

One more thing I don’t eat is Toffifee.  Love chocolate & hazelnuts, hate caramel & nougat.  The sender of this card is from Canada, & she tells me,

“this is one of my favorite treats that I always buy around Christmas. They are so good but almost too easy to eat, before I knew it I was ready to recycle the box!  I might need to wait another week to get a new box otherwise they won’t make it until the holidays!”

Great stamps all around, and I love that li’l robot sticker. It’s my single favorite thing in all of this!



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