Received from Brazil, Canada, & Finland

A big day for Postcrossing activity; these three were waiting for me in my mailbox:


The “Paulista” card came to me from São Paulo, Brazil, and traveled 6,454 miles in 40 days to find me.  The sender wrote me a message in both Portuguese & English.  The English message, in part, tells me the city is:

… a giant city with 25MM inhabitants, dreams, and wishes.  Those who are born here is called “Paulista…”

The Newfoundland card loaded with puffins was sent to me from Ontario, Canada, and traveled 2,159 miles over 8 days to reach me.  The sender tells me puffins are her favorite waterfowl.  I’ll bet she gets as annoyed as I do to here someone call them penguins!

The cookie & candle card comes my way–after 14 days and 5,403 miles–from Finland.  The sender tells me she likes Christmas: “it’s nice to bake then.  Have a delicious season!”  I think I did, but it’s January 3 now, so the season is now so far past, who can remember?

STAMPS!  I really like the Canadian Santa.


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