Sent to Czech Republic & Netherlands

Two of my Postcrossing cards have been received–I’ll tell you the countries they’ve reached & how long they took to get there, but you’ll have to muddle through my blog to the approximate right date to view the card & read the other pertinent, uh, whatever:

A card I sent to Poland has reached its destination, after traveling 5,913 miles in 13 days.

A card I sent to China has found it recipient–finally–after a journey of 6,237 miles and 40 days.

OKAY, so now I get to send out two more cards!


Two young brothers in Drunen, Netherlands–an 8-year-old & a 4-year-old–who apparently like Smurfs will receive my Smurf babysitter card.  Apparently these two run to the mailbox every day, and whenever they receive a postcard, they stick it on their living room wall.

The guitar card goes to a music lover in Prague, Czech Republic.  He’s been Postcrossing about as long as me–since last summer–and according to his profile, is mathematically-oriented.  Truth is, he had expressed interest in landscape cards, but I thought he’d like the guitar better than any landscape I might have in my stash.


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