Received from Canada, England, Russia & Poland

Came home to four new cards today, from all over the world–uh, that is, if you consider a few locations in Europe & North America to be “all over the world!”


Such an assortment.

The Ural Owl flies to me from Russia (from Russian with stamps, it flew to me), from a Postcrosser who owns two parrots, and would like to have an owl.  She writes, “if you need someone to cheer you daily, I highly recommend to have a pet birds.”  Birds are lovely, but I prefer to look outside to the trees & other birdy places to see them!  The card traveled 5,520 miles over 65 days to reach me. WHOA!

As far as animal-related situations that really disturb me, I absolutely hate what is happening in that bottom-center postcard, which comes to me from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The card’s printed caption reads:

Chuckwagons may have been invented to provide food and supplies for cowboys out on the range, but here at the Calgary Stampede they serve a different and more exciting purpose. The chucks and their crews barrel around the track in a nail biting competition, making chuckwagon racing the signature event at the stampede.

Screw you, boys.

By the way, it traveled 1,010 miles in 9 days–and no horses were exploited to transport it to me.

The funny card on the far right moved 5,937 miles in 17 days to get to me from Poland, where the Postcrosser wrote to me about some of her favorite Christmasy habits.  Her favorite Christmas dish, for instance, is makówki.

Finally, my favorite card in the group, at top center, comes from England, reaching me after a mere 9 days. This panel is from a box of “ice-lollies,” as the sender of this card calls them.  It’s the result of a swap-bot “Chunk O Cardboard” trade, which I’ve brought up many times here as being a favorite of mine.

Hey, stamps!



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