Received from Belgium, France, & Taiwan

Three arrivals through Postcrossing:


That beautiful, shiny machine comes from Lyon, France, sent by a Postcrosser who grew up in Germany.  She tells me, “since you like all kinds of foods, I thought you might enjoy an espresso after the meal.”  Yes, please!

The fat cat comes from Brussels, Belgium, and the sender tells me it’s by Philippe Geluck, one of her country’s most famous cartoonists.  She ended her nice note with a nice quote: “There is no way to happiness.  Happiness is the way.”

The kite flies in from Hualien, Taiwan, from an anthropology student whose profile reveals an interest in indigenous peoples all over the world, stating that “16 indigenous people have been recognized in Taiwan. ( it will be more and more.)”  I was assuming this meant 16 indigenous groups, but…yeah, I’ll go with that.




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