Sent to Canada, Israel, & Netherlands

Another three out, another combo of Postcrossing & swap-bot.


Working clockwise from the top left:

That beach town is head for Leiderdorp, Netherlands, via Postcrossing. The recipient is a 25-year-old student of linguistics who expressed an interest in all kinds of postcards, including city views, nature, & animals–so I think I covered things pretty well. She also said she adores owls, but I don’t think I have any owls in my postcard stash.

The other two cards are part of a swap-bot trade in which we were supposed to recommend a book we finished reading last month.  I told my two partners about Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi.  I earned my copy of the book as a prize for finishing a local library’s adult summer reading program, and I once I finally read the thing, I really enjoyed it!  It’s about a Hollywood agent who ends up with an interesting client: a race of blob-like space creatures who communicate through odors.  Obviously, they get along really well with dogs!

The pink book cover card goes to Gan, Israel, to a Russian native with, in her words, “very very eclectic taste,” but I really chose this card because it matches the trade’s “book” theme.  Well, she does say she likes pink.

Finally, the cute couple is on its way to Hornell Heights, Ontario, Canada, to a young woman who is currently engaged & planning a Batman-themed wedding.  She also happened to mention that she likes Disney, thus my choice.

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