Stampy! Sent to Lithuania

postcard168 stamps

I was happy to see this trade come up in swap-bot, calling for members to send 25 stamps to their assigned partner.  Most of these stamps have appeared on this blog before, attached to cards I’ve received through Postcrossing & swap-bot.  Postcards tend to accumulate, and the time soon comes to wonder what to DO with them all!  I solve that by scanning & posting them here, setting aside a precious few for possible display.  This trade let me put some part of the cards to good use.

New problem, though: what the heck am I supposed to do with the envelope full of stamps that is coming my way?

4 thoughts on “Stampy! Sent to Lithuania

  1. I absolutely love stamps! I used to collect them in a huge book when I was younger, just because seeing so many different stamps fascinated me. Now, though, I think they could be interesting decorations for a collage or mixed-media project (unless the idea of stamp collecting appeals to you!).

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