Sent to Germany & Russia

Two more going out through Postcrossing today.  I’ve been letting my flow of cards going out dwindle, and in the meantime, I noticed yesterday I’d made it to 100 postcards sent through the site–which means that they have now bumped up the number I may send out to 11 at a time.  I’m mailing these two out to put me up to 6 out of 11 possible cards traveling.  But enough with the damned stats.


So I’ve now sent just over 100 postcards, but the Postcrosser I’ve drawn in Kronshtand, Russia, has sent over 570!  He’s 55, has been Postcrossing for over three years, and collects postcards & stamps.  He expresses an interest in “postcards with animals, nature, (and) views of your cities and towns…” I thought he may well be interested in this card from the Marine Mammal Center, which has been extremely busy lately with the record number of sea lion pups that have been washing ashore up & down the California coast.  Seems that warmer waters mean fish stay further from the coast, which means mama sea lions must be away from their pups longer, which means pups head into the water for food…

The panda card goes to Buxtehude, Germany, to a teacher of geography & music who describes her hobbies as “travelling, reading, knitting, gardening…taking photographs and music.”  As far as guidance as to what types of postcards she might enjoy receiving, she included “funny cards, cards with meerkats or cute teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington bear, cards showing your town or country, cards with artistic photography…”  Yeah, so I think she should like this cute pair exploring California’s Sonoma Coast!

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