Received from China, South Korea, and Slovenia

All Postcrossing…


That one at the top is my favorite.  It comes from South Korea, only my second card from that country.  This postcard had me at “life is circus,”‘ and things only got better when I flipped it over to read the type on the back:

Circus boy band

sings underground and plays

the various colors

Wow.  I couldn’t have said it better if my name were Daiso!  So poetic.  The card’s sender writes more colloquially, telling me she is pleased to find common ground with me:

“I love toys, marine life and food (esp. Asian cuisines & noodles) like you.”

She also tells me she hopes her card makes me feel good.  It does!  A real keeper.

The Slovenija card comes from Slovenia.  Are you able to tell from the scan it is cut like a old-school postage stamp?  Cool!  The sender is a 21-year-old student, but that, sadly, is just about all I could make out from the stylized writing.  I got a second pair of eyes in on the decryption attempt, but it was still a no-go.

The postcard on the right is from an 18-year-old anime & photography fan in China, and according to the print on the back, the card depicts The Tomb of Confucius.  It immediately reminded me of a sight I’ve seen a couple of times way up north of me near Ukiah, California: the gateway to The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.  I actually have made the trek up to Ukiah–twice (so far)–specifically to enter the compound, because it contains just about the best vegetarian-Chinese restaurant I’ve ever visited.  Mmmm….

Stamps!  Notice the one printed onto the postcard from China matches the image on the front of the card.



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