Received from Germany and the United States



The Shenandoah postcard comes to me from Virginia, part of a swap-bot “places I’ve visited” trade.  The sender tells me that she loves visiting “Big Meadow” there, that deer are everywhere. There’s something else she’s a fan of:

“I also love the gift shop.  They carry the nicest postcards in the area.”

The other card came to me from Germany, via Postcrossing.  I thought the little character was a squirrel, but the sender tells me it’s…

“…the Sand Man, he was in the past a TV star for toddlers.  Even today he is still running in the evening program and I watch if I like to.”

Okay, but I still think it looks like a squirrel.  One thing is certain: that is not Neil Gaiman’s Sandman!

Stamps!  My favorite one is the sheep.  Yes, I know it is not a stamp, but it is still my favorite!



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