Sent to Japan & Singapore

Two outgoing through Postcrossing.  Well, not through official Postcrossing-Postcrossing, but through the Postcrossing forum!

For months after I joined Postcrossing–and until quite recently–I never even clicked on the forums.  I’m slowly poking my way around it now, figuring it all out (or trying to).  It’s a place for questions, complaints, meeting new people–and making extra postcard trades.  It can be used to postcard-meet people from specific countries, or to do shared-interest trades.  You’ll see…


Another pair of awesome cards I would love to receive!

Little Caesar is headed for Singapore, in a food-package postcard trade. Yes, I turned a pizza box into a (super-cool) postcard!  I was very fortunate in that Li’l C did not have a greasy backside.  Now, a package I frequently have around the house that I love to turn into postcards is that of Hello Panda cookies–but as those are a product of Singapore, I didn’t think the recipient would find the card too special!  My research didn’t turn up any Little Caesar’s outlets in Singapore–yet–so that is the way I decided to go. 

The manatee card is going to Kobe, Japan, in a “Japan and the rest of the world” trade forum.  So, a person from Japan sends a postcard to another member anywhere else in the world, and then someone from outside of Japan sends a card into that country, etc.  Mine goes in.  Because I live out.  The Postcrosser in Kobe mentioned enjoying animal cards, so I chose this cute duo for her.  This is another cool card I received for being a donor to Save the Manatee Club, which works to, you know, save the manatees.

The stamps I used: both recipients seemed interested in special stamps, so instead of using my country’s standard round international-rate stamp, I dug into my very small stash of outdated first-class stamps & added them up to the current $1.15 international rate.



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