Received from Belarus, Finland, Indonesia, Netherlands, and the United States

Whoa–came home yesterday to find a mailbox loaded with SIX postcards!


When it comes to high-quality postcards, there is just no beating a kitty on the toilet.

The huge snowy postcard comes to me from Finland, via Postcrossing.  The sender tells me,

“Last weekend I visited in Koli National Park.  There is a small hotel and spa.  It was amazing experience to go into a pool (with warm water) outside, temperature was about -10C, dark sky with stars over us, trees covered with snow and so quiet around.  Next morning I saw the most beautiful sunrise through hotel window.  If you ever come to Finland, this could be something you’d like to see.”

I told her that if I ever get to visit Finland, I hope it will be during the warm season!  She lost me at -10C.

The “Smile” card is also a Postcrossing arrival, this one from Netherlands.  The sender tells me that she, her husband, and their three boys like to ride on their old Italian motorcycles.

Kitty on the toilet!  That one came to me from Bekasi, Indonesia, and I was expecting it.  It was a direct trade through Postcrossing Forums–my very first–which I mentioned earlier.  This is a great card on both sides!  Just look at this fun art, the wonderful handwriting, and the tasty food recommendations:


I love foods from Malaysia & Singapore, and many of those have Indonesian roots, so of course I look forward to the opportunity to visit Indonesia sometime.  In the meantime, I think I will try making some of those dishes at home.

The card with the food on front–more Postcrossing–is from Minsk, Belarus.  The sender tells me,

“I like to read books and learn languages.  We have no sea in our country and every summer we try to go to the seaside.”

I was just at the sea yesterday–and my dog was IN it.  Bath day today!

More on reading: the book-cover postcard came my way from Portland, Oregon, part of a swap-bot “what are you reading” trade:

“I’m currently reading What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe.  He’s a blogger for the comic  It’s a fun read, especially when I only have a few minutes.”

Finally–more reading-related stuff–it’s the Free Comic Book Day postcard!  Not from Postcrossing or swap-bot, but directly from my local comic book retailer in Milpitas, California!  Free Comic Book Day is awesome.  It’s a day when you get free comic books.  Have you ever taken part? This year it falls on Saturday, May 2.  Don’t miss out!

Stamps!  I think that tree stamp from Finland may be just about my favorite postage stamp ever.

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