Sent to Canada, Netherlands, and the United States

Three going out, in a trio of swap-bot trades…


Three very lucky people out there in this world…

Pochacco & Friends are on their way to IJmuiden, Netherlands.  This card & the next one go out in a swap-bot “postcard fun” trade.  Directions were pretty specific; they read in part:

“When sending postcards I love to make the backs as extra special as the fronts. In this swap you will send your partner a postcard. This is profile based so please look at your partners profile ! If you haven’t got a wish list or a list of things you like then please make a small one that your partner can use as a guide. It doesn’t specifically have to be a postcard wish list.  On the back you must have the following: The Swap Title. Your Swap ID. 2 or more postage stamps. 1 or more stickers and 1 small strip of Washi Tape or Deco Tape. These can be displayed anywhere you like. Please also add a small note about yourself where you are from and what your likes are.”

–and, ohhh, heck.  I see I am in violation.  I counted denominations to get the stamp combo right:


$1.15 + washi tape. Or as I call it, “tape.”

–but I forgot stickers!  Wait, I DID put a sticker on the next card, because it fit the theme, but the first card just has a pair of ink-stamped images!  AND, my notes–while 14-to-16-lines long–aren’t precisely “about yourself where you are from and what your likes are.” Although they ARE about me & things that I’ve done & things that have happened to me.  WILL I GET GRADED DOWN FOR INATTENTION TO PRECISE FORMATICS?

Breathe, I gotta breathe.

Anyhow, Netherlands.  I saw the recipient liked illustrated cards, so I reached toward my “Animal Box” of 100 illustrated postcards, selected a very nice one–and then saw that the recipient does not like animal potcards. But she does like Sanrio (but not Disney), and I did have this Pochacco! Whew!

You can see that today has been a roller-coaster of emotions for me.

Snoopy & Woodstock are destined for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to a swapper who listed Snoopy & Woodstock among her many likes.  I purchased this at the Charlie Brown Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, and told her about that experience.

Finally, it’s goodbye to Hello Panda, who is en route to Palm Coast, Florida.  That’s part of a swap-bot food package postcard trade, and as I recently mentioned, I think these Hello Panda boxes are a natural for turning into postcards.


3 thoughts on “Sent to Canada, Netherlands, and the United States

  1. ha!!! your ‘violation’ had me in stitches. this is why i can’t deal with swapbot – TOO MANY RULES. i like to do things my own way, i guess. let me know if you’d like to receive a postcard – i’d be happy to send you something! email me at ohdeardetective at gmail dot com

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