Mailboxes past & present

Another travel photo: there’s a gate at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) dedicated to “snail mail” and those who bring it to us. In a previous post, I showed a mail carrier (pigeon); here is what could be seen over its shoulders.

2015-01-31 21.50.56 TPE

The sign for the box on the left says, “1906: Ching Dynasty mailbox. First used in 1906. Height: 143 cm. Base: 50 cm. x 50 cm.”  The sign for the box on the right says, “Present Day: Current dual-purpose mailbox.  This box is divided into two halves to receive different mails.  The ordinary mails go to the green half, and the prompt mails and air mails go to the red half.  This is installed at remote areas and the neighborhoods where there are not many mails.  Width x Depth x Height = 50 cm. x 30 cm. x 141 cm.”  I never got behind that center box to see the story its sign might tell.


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