Sent to Finland and the United States

Two going out in a swap-bot “squeeze it in” trade, in which we were to “write as much as the postcard physically allows!”  Since this is the way I tend to operate already, no problem!


The birds are off to Hillsboro, Oregon, to someone who says she doesn’t collect anything–but seems to own a lot of bird stuff.  She also has a lot of pets, so I started by asking if she spends a lot of time at the veterinarian’s office.  I sure do–and I only have a single pet!

The swapper in Kokkola, Finland listed Jetoy on her list of likes, so this cat is for her. She also says she recently graduated as a pastry chef, and says she has a love/hate relationship with macarons (loves eating them/hates making them), so I asked her if she knew of silvanas, the delicious Filipino frozen dessert cookie that I much prefer to macarons!


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