Sent to Germany, Netherlands, and Russia

My number of cards traveling via Postcrossing dwindled down to three, so I thought I would send out three more.


The Popeye card goes out to a 4-year-old in Drachten, Netherlands who, if I am to believe what I am reading, is managing her own account.  Well, her profile only talks about what she wants and doesn’t want, so maybe it is believable after all!

The cow card goes to Berlin, Germany, to a young woman who grew up on a farm, but moved to the city for her studies–and seems to miss living “on a farm in a village in middle of green nature.”

The cat eyes go to Ozyorsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.  Wikipedia tells me this is a “closed town,” which is apparently “a settlement where travel and/or residency restrictions are applied so that specific authorization is required to visit or remain overnight. They may be sensitive military establishments or secret research installations which require much more space or freedom than is available in a conventional military base. Closed cities are a feature of heavily militarized countries and secretive regimes, and many still exist in the successor countries to the Soviet Union.”

Yikes. Anyhow, the Postcrosser says she loves to read & watch movies.  Hey, so do I!

In case you care about the travel details of the cards I sent that arrived most recently–and even if you don’t–here are the stats, listed in destination, miles traveled, and days spent traveling:

Hemiksem, Belgium      5,502 miles      13 days

Kobrin, Belarus              5,912 miles      21 days

Swatow, China               6,759 miles      27 days

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