Received from China & Singapore

These snack boxes make coooool postcards.


Pepero came to me from Singapore, in a swap-bot “food package postcard” trade.  The sender writes,

“After I joined the swap I realized most of my fav snacks are in plastic/foil packaging instead of paper!  I found this in the supermarket by chance and found it interesting!  As you might know, it’s terribly hot and humid in Singapore (and so) chocolate melts easily.  Thus this seemed like an ingenious design.  Unfortunately the chocolate wasn’t very yummy.  Pocky from Japan is still the champion for me!  Have you tried Pocky or Pepero?”

I told her I can’t remember if I’ve tried Pepero (I think I have), but I am a Pocky fan.  The construction of Pepero (choco-filled) is similar to Hello Panda, a product of Singapore that I tend to keep on stock–and use the packaging for postcards!

Pretz came my way from Shanghai, China, in a Postcrossing Forum food package postcard tag.  This sender tells me her 5-year-old daughter likes to eat this product.

Beautiful stamps, I love that tiger.


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