Cards-by-the-Sea: Received from Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, and Russia

All four from Postcrossing!  I have a question, if you are a knowledgeable Postcrosser: How does someone end up receiving more cards than they have sent?  A card number is not issued to be sent to you until one of your sent cards has been received (and “traveling” is the designation given to cards you have sent, but have not yet been received).  As of right now, I have received three more cards than I have sent!


That gorgeous, panoramic, very-recognizable view of Hong Kong caught my eye & my breath before I’d even turned away from my mail box.  It came to me from, if you can believe this, Hong Kong (it traveled 6,925 miles, and, according to Postcrossing, 116 days–but the card is dated April 5, indicating a journey closer to 2 weeks.  I am thinking that either the sender was replacing a card that she noticed had apparently gone missing–as I have needed to do once in my time there–or she was just really tardy in sending).  In her message to me, she writes,

“I read your profile and I know that you have been to Hong Kong!  Wow!  How do you feel about the food in Hong Kong?  I love to eat fish balls, egg puff, grid cake, and three stuffed treasures.  They are the local street-side snack that every tourist must eat in Hong Kong.  I hope that you have tried them”

I told her I have tried many of those things, and many of them are available in the area where I live, as there are many HK-style cafes & snack shops.  The primary food on my mind when I visited her city was dim sum, and yes, I got some!

She continues:

“I learnt California from Geography textbook.  It is a place with great sunshine, right?  Hong Kong is also a coastal region.  It is well known for its glamorous night view of Victoria Harbour.  Quite beautiful, isn’t it?  But for me, I prefer the natural scene to the city view.  In the summer time, I usually go to beach with my friends.  Though I can’t swim, I enjoy the time of listening to the tide and building sand castle.  It is wonderful for us to breathe in some fresh air and escape from the busy time in the city.”

The zebra & the whale are from Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia, Russia, and they traveled 5,552 miles & 22 days to be with me.  The sender is a journalist for a local paper, and she takes in stray cats  She says right now she has three that are looking for good homes.

Two chickens on a beach.  They see a roast chicken on a blanket, and one chicken says to the other chicken, “I told you so: put sun screen on!” That came to me from Austria, having traveled 5,965 miles in 9 days. The sender, like my correspondent in Hong Kong, has a lot to say:

“Austria is the direct opposite to California (Oops!  I forgot Arni Schwarzenegger!), but here some things you have to try, if you come here once (“Once!” I love this movie!).  Go to a “Heuriger” and taste “Grüner Veltliner” (white wine) and black pudding–yummy!  And Palatschinken with marillen jam for dessert!  Forget Mozartkugeln, only tourists buy them.  Try Manner-Schnitten (wafers).  

Okay, so I have been to Austria–many, many moons ago on a h.s. student tour, one very much more about get-on-a-hired-bus-get-off-the-hired-bus-tour-the-old-palace-get-back-on-the-hired-bus variety, so I have no memories of experiencing cultures through special foods.  I do remember hotel meals with overcooked, gray vegetables.  I do know & despise Mozartkugeln, though: marzipan and I are bitter rivals.  And I do know & love Manner-Schnitten wafers, which are only a Cost Plus away.

Lastly, that gorgeous sea lion & bird scene came to me from Dresden, Germany in a voyage spanning 5,753 miles and 9 days. The sender writes,

“I love to walk along the coastline, too–every summer I go to the Baltic Sea or North Sea here in Germany to forget everything around myself and just relax.  Unfortunately I’ve never been to America and so I can only dream of your coastlines and the sea far far away.”

Stamps, stickers, postmarks…


2 thoughts on “Cards-by-the-Sea: Received from Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, and Russia

  1. Regarding the “more cards received than sent” issue: Postcrossing “knows” that some of the cards that were sent to you will never arrive. So, in order to make up for the loss, at times your address is given to two (or more?) Postcrossers simultaneously even if only one of your cards was registered. (I have noticed this to be the case right after the first card of a user is registered, for example.) But then sometimes cards do not get lost, meaning you receive an extra bonus card.
    Also, I think when a card sent to you expires after 60 days, sometimes someone might be given your address again – which means that, should the original card land on your doorstep after more than 60 days, you might still have another card on the way to you.
    I bet the algorithm is a lot more complex than that, but that is a short explanation of why you might have ended up with more cards received than sent.

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