Seals Wet, Canada Dry: Sent to The Philippines and Taiwan

Sending some cards out for my new favorite part of Postcrossing, the Forum!


The first card goes to Manila, Philippines, for a manga/anime tag. This Postcrosser is like me, in that she is wishing for a message on the back of the cards she gets.  She does offer an extensive list of favorites, but, she says:

“…any postcard is welcome. All I would like is to connect with you!  If you don’t know what to write in your postcard, you can tell me a little quirk about yourself…or what your postcard is about, or something about your country! Your favorite quote..a memory that makes you laugh. Or you can write a phrase or a sentence in your language and translate it, that would be really cool! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Anything random that comes in your mind will do!”

The next two cards are going to Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, to different Postcrossing members.  I was not enough of an idiot to ask whether they know one another; after all, Kaohsiung City has a population of about 2.77 million people!

I wonder whether these two know one another.

The harbor seals are part of a sea life/marine animals tag, and the bit of box is for a food packaging exchange.  This last Postcrosser, I learned, has had it up to here with scenic postcards: “PLEASE… NO more city views or landscape cards.”


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