Craftiness x 3: Received from Belgium and the United States

More reading & recycling (that might have come off differently than I meant it; read on, and you will understand)!


Hey, I got another gigantic skull from Phoenix, Arizona–and I think this one might be even cooler than the last one!  It’s from the same swap-botter as before, in another chunk-o-cardboard trade.  The sender tells me, “this was actually a mask on a stick, but I knew it would be the perfect size for mailing.”  Love it!

The dog dancing over a colorful patterned background, that’s from Seatac, Washington, and it arrived via a swap-bot trade in which we were to share what we are currently reading by copying a page midway through the book.  My trading partner here did so by transcribing by hand page 50 of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  Not everyone has access to a printer, making participation in a swap like this something one really wants to do!  I wanted to share this homemade envelope, which I think is very cool; it’s legal-size, and when I peek inside, I can see her tracing lines, which makes me appreciate it even more.  The dog sticker is icing on the cake!

I love those hippos.  I was enthusing over them on another mail enthusiast’s blog, and before too long, I had a Chocohippo chunk-o-cardboard all my own!  She sent it to me from Geel, Belgium.  If I ever find myself in that country, I will have to try this product for myself!  By the way, this card follows in the theme of “what I’m reading:” the sender tells me she is working her way through Secret of the Dragon by Margaret Weis &Tracy Hickman.

Stamps, stickers & stuff!



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