Beasts surrounded by coded speech: Received from Germany, Hong Kong, and Russia


The eerie scene with the blue-glowing trees came my way thanks to a Postcrosser near Düsseldorf, Germany.  Parts of her message are very mysterious: “Music is important for me.  It makes me more.”  Wha’?  And then there is the closing line: “Enjoy your life!”  This is, I think, the second time I’ve received a card bearing this send-off, and each time, I can’t help feeling it might be some sort of a thinly-veiled threat!

The sea lions are more welcoming. They are at an aquarium in Queensland, Australia; the card was purchased during a trip taken by a Postcrosser from Hong Kong, who sent me this card as part of a Postcrossing Forum “marine life and sea creature” tag trade. The sender is a university student who was actually doing some of her studies Down Under, and she tells me, “I enjoyed the time as it was very relaxing.  Unlike Hong Kong, we didn’t have a lot of homework.”

The final card is another Postcrossing Forum tag trade, this time one for food packaging.  What do you think this is?  Some sort of breakfast cookies?  The people are somewhat unkempt, and there seems to be some sort of coffee-for-cookies trade being attempted here… It comes from a sender in Surgut, Russia, who tells me, “at my place there live two cats.”  Uh-oh: more code?




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