Water-related fun: sent to Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, & the United States

Apropos of nothing, let me share that I am re-watching “Spider-Man 3” as I log this, and it may actually be far worse than I remember it–and I remember it as being an awful mess.


The first card is my one regular Postcrossing draw this time around.  It’s the view of Morro Bay, California, and it goes to Berlin, Germany. The recipient says she loves “…to be outside and roam in nature whenever the weather allows it.”  While some people have very specific lists of cards they want & do not want, this user writes:

“…I don’t have special wishes. I’m glad to share a piece of your life, so just pick a motif you would also like to receive and write whatever you would like to tell me.  I’m always happy to get an insight on people’s lives around the world, and I’ll be glad to hear from you!”

I told her about how I enjoy the beautiful nature in & around Morro Bay, and some of the things she might be able to see, were she to visit.

The flying fish are going to Decatur, Alabama, for a swap-bot “what are you reading?” trade.  Since I am still making my way through the last book I wrote about here, I won’t mention it again!

The next two cards are going out on tag trades via Postcrossing Forum.  The first card–a boy & his dogs at the beach–is headed for Kasukabe, Japan, as part of a “USA-Asia” tag.  There is a bit of this Postcrosser’s profile that made me feel she might enjoy this card:

“I like to see the beautiful scenery. But, there is no experience of traveling abroad. So, I want to see the beautiful scenery of the country in which you live. I love manga! “

The last card goes to Hong Kong, in an “anime/manga” tag. The person I tagged had written a list of anime/manga likes that included Crayon Shin-chan 蠟筆小新–and there he is, in all of his (very typical) glory.


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