Cake, Kitty, Consciences & the Coast: Sent to China, Czech Republic, Russia, and Taiwan

The first two of my outgoing cards are for Postcrossing Forums tags; the second two are in traditional Postcrossing draws.


The Pinocchio card goes to Shanghai, China, part of a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.  A new Disneyland is scheduled to open in Shanghai this year; I’m wondering if this Postcrosser is excited about it–and if she’ll have to wait in insanely-long lines!  I told her my favorite Disneyland rides are Space Mountain & Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride–and not necessarily in that order.

The cake is going to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in a Postcrossing Forum food package trade. This is a panel from a box of Softasilk cake flour, and I told the recipient I keep thinking of making this “Deluxe Devil’s Food Cake,” but with a cream cheese frosting rather than the almond extract-laced frosting recipe printed on the box.  Can’t stand almond extract.

Now for the regular Postcrossing draws.  What two countries came up?   Czech Republic and Russia!

Jenisov, Czech Republic is the destination of that Morro Bay card.  The recipient said he enjoys “sending and receiving all types of postcards except of fairy tales and stars.  I really like nature scenes and landscapes from your country and city views or aerial views, too. I like castles.”  Since he only wrote about the cards he wanted (and he does go beyond what I shared) rather than about himself, I didn’t have a lot to write about, but I did manage to go on about why I enjoy the Morro Bay area.

Kitty comes last, and is headed for a Postcrosser in Enem, Russia. She says, “I live in south of Russia.I like history and different cultures. And I like to travel too. I will like any card you send me!” She hasn’t done a lot on Postcrossing yet, so there are not a lot of “favorite” card images to guide me, but one of the few there is a cat, so–kitty with beads.


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