Someone Who Likes Garfield: Sent to Germany & Netherlands

Two Postcrossing draws:


The old card picturing the post office at Children’s Fairyland (the building now serves as an art center) goes to Bochum, Germany, to a new Postcrosser.  She writes,

“…I would love to get postcards telling me something about the place you live.  It can be something about your culture, history, special places, landscapes, maps, festivals, etc… I am going to love your postcards, no matter what! I promise! ;)”

–so I thought she might enjoy getting a peek into this unique local attraction, which I told her a bit about.

Garfield is headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to someone who actually likes Garfield!  She provides an extensive list of likes & dislikes, and Garfield’s entry is marked with two valentine heart symbols, a distinction only matched by lion cubs, red cats, and gargoyles.  This Postcrosser also says she likes “(arthouse)movies,” just to show you that she feels those are automatically the best.  I did not share this with her, but as someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of time in cinemas of all sorts, I have learned that an “art house” film does indeed bear the power to be at least as wretched as a movie you randomly pick at the local gigaplex–no lie!

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