Tea & Chips: Sent to Finland, South Africa, and the United States


The “Greetings from Tea Partyland” postcard went to Raleigh, North Carolina, to the postal art blogger known as Dear Detective!  It’s a thanks for the postcard she sent me, shown here a few days ago.  This card was sent to me in a mailing by the Democratic Governors Association, bearing a pre-written message so I could mail it to a friend and scare them.  I slapped on a new backing so that I could write my own message, and I also glued on that cute, friendly little character from a bag of taro chips.

The next two cards are regular Postcrossing draws.  The birds will be flown (I assume) to Cape Town, South Africa.  The user’s profile photo shows her looking at the camera through a pair of binoculars, and she says birding is one of her new hobbies–so I found the birdiest card I could.

Lastly, that little peek of San Diego is headed for Joensuu, Finland.  Most of the cards marked as favorites in her Postcrossing profile were scenery-type images, and this was the closest I felt I had at the time to what she was looking for (though she does write, “The joy comes when the cards around the world. I’m glad all the cards…”).

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