Something Fishy: Sent to Alabama, U.S.A.

A swap-bot trade instructed participants to make a fish tank postcard:

“I don’t mind how you do it, but make one fishtank-postcard for one partner. Use your illusion 🙂 All techniques allowed…stickers are fine as long as you use them tasteful.”

I love fish, sea creatures, the ocean, and aquariums–so how could I resist?  I couldn’t, that’s how.

John collage cards fish 1 061615 Alabama

Here we have some gift wrap, layered with black plastic from a mailer, green plastic from a newspaper wrapper, brown paper coffee filter, stickers, and colored ink-stamp impressions.

Since I was hauling all of this stuff out, putting in all of this time & effort, I got the most I could out of it by making six postcards, rather than just one.  This means you will be seeing various other versions here as time goes by!


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