Cheese & Poultry with Salt: Received from Poland, Taiwan, & the United States

Three cards waiting for me in the mail slot this evening!


The cheesy card on the left comes to me from San Jose, California, part of a swap-bot “Not Your Usual Postcard” trade.  Its “not usual” status comes in not being a touristy-image card.  The sender tells me she has cheese in her blood, as a grandparent was a cheesemaker.  She leaves me with a Monty Python quote: “blessed are the cheesemakers.”

The other two cards are from Postcrossing; the swan came to me from Kutno, Poland.  The sender wrote the card the day before his 15th birthday, and, interestingly, attached a printing saying in Spanish: “en votros está la esperanza.”

Finally, there is the card depicting salt harvesting.  That came to me from Taipei City, Taiwan, from an 18-year-old who says her favorite book is Breaking Night.  She also says, “I love GLEE, hope one day I can visit USA and meed Chris Colfer.”


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