Off to many -land(s): Sent to Finland, Netherlands, & Poland

Time to pull another few names for Postcrossing–and all three are European addresses.  Each recipient, based on their profile, ends up getting a postcard from a small bunch I bought this week during a quick afternoon trip to Monterey:


Yes, there are many things to see in the Monterey Bay Area beside the aquarium. But do not miss the aquarium.

That big cluster of butterflies is heading for Hoogevenn, Netherlands.  I told this Postcrosser that California is home to many butterfly sanctuaries, and that if she were to visit, and hold still, a monarch may even land on her for a moment.  There are a couple of monarch groves closer to me, and a favorite one is even further away: Pismo Beach.  Information on the best places to go to see migrating monarch butterflies–and the best times of year–is available on Monarch Watch.

Those many views around Monterey’s tacky tourist magnet, Old Fisherman’s Wharf (need your caricature drawn, or a thermometer/toothpick-holder-combo, or clam chowder in a bread bowl?  Head out here!), are off to Lądek-Zdrój, Poland.  I let the recipient know that I do head to this location, because it is the place to hop aboard a boat & go out on the bay looking for whales! There is also a floating dock underneath one of the charter companies where sea lions can be seen relaxing, scuffling, and just generally doing their thing.

Returning to next-door Pacific Grove (really just a few mere steps away from the Monterey Bay Aquarium), the colorful card is making its way toward Santtio, Finland.  I told the Postcrosser receiving my card about the butterflies, the beautiful coastline–and the fact that nearly every time I am in town, I see deer.  Hint: go to the cemetery.  Seriously, almost every time I spend a night in P.G., I book a room overlooking the cemetery.  It’s very “deer.”


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