From the odd to the adorable: Received from England, Taiwan, & the United States


That big, scalloped-edge card with the two famous personalities came to me from Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a swap-bot “U postcard” trade.  Here, you may notice, the “U” stands for “umbilical.”  Hmm.  The sender tells me that it’s from a shop downtown called Stranger Factory, where the owners sell postcards of their art.  This work is called “Fetal Trapping in Northern California.”

The person who sent me bouquet-head & friend tells me she pulled the card from her “collection of Vogue magazine cover postcards, thinking they would all just be pretty fashion through the decades, so I was quite shocked to find this more unusual cover from the year 1939.”  She is from somewhere near Scunthorpe, England, and sent me this oddity through a Postcrossing Forum “totally weird” tag trade.

The robo-card is from a swap-bot trade of unusual postcards, and came to me from someplace within or just outside California’s San Francisco Bay Area. The sender tells me the card reminds her of my “awesome toy photos,” and she asks, “have you been to the pinball museum in Alameda?” Not yet, I haven’t.

Lastly, there is my favorite card of the batch, the dragon boat.  That is a Postcrossing card from Taipei, Taiwan, and it was sent by a college student who tells me she likes “postcards (most of them are movie ad), egg toys and beautiful beverage cans.”  She also advises me, “if you want to come to Taiwan, I’ll recommend Jiufen.


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