To get halfway: Sent to Canada, England, Finland, & Italy

I seem to have reached a new Postcrossing milestone: I have sent enough postcards out, that I am now allowed to have as many as 12 going at a time.  To get halfway to my new allowance, I have mailed out these four cards:


Guidonia, Italy is the destination of the marine life card on the upper left.  The Postcrosser said, “my favorite theme postcards and ‘ medicine (nurses, doctors, health etc.)…Royalty and celebrities in General,” but since I had nothing with Nurse Jackie or the Kardashians, I sent this beautiful card, instead. I told her that I enjoy the Steinhart Aquarium (part of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco), and how grateful I am for the library card benefit that allows the occasional free admission, as this museum charges way too much.

The Jetoy cats are going to Bournemouth, England, where the recipient says she enjoys hugging cats and looking at stars.  I love it when I am able to come up with a card that encapsulates two or more of a person’s interests!

The manatees will make their way, slowly, to Nuoramoinen, Finland.  This was among the most nature-y of my current cards, and the Postcrosser did say, “I love nature,animal and landscape cards, something which tells story of you town or country. Or just Suprise me!!”

Lastly, the interesting antlers are destined to land in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  The recipient said she would love cards with rainbows, and this was the closest thing I had.  This Postcrosser actually devoted most of her profile to listing expired cards, so, figuring she’s a devotee of dramatic events, I told her about the earthquake I experienced the night before.

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